Skip the expensive hosting company add-ons! Our new Maintenance Plan  covers all the necessary tech updates the hosting companies don’t do (plugin, platform and theme), malware protection, site security (firewall included) and regular backups. 

Let a web professional (human!) do your updates and check for potential issues every month, things that are missed by automated processes.

Did you know…?

  • Setting certain plugins to automatically update could crash your site? Unless someone is monitoring the site, you may not know what happened to your site, or where to start to fix it. What caused it to happen?
  • Plugins and Themes can potentially conflict
  • You could get the White Screen of Death (WSOD) and not even be able to get into your WordPress Admin.
  • Your site could be down for hours… or days. Do you want to hear about it from a customer?
  • Your malware protection on your website can’t protect you fully without its updates.


Buy your Maintenance plan now and prevent the expense and headache of a downed or infected website!

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