Cracking Down on SSL

Do you have a website that has been up for many years? Chances are that you haven’t updated it on a long time — and chances are even greater that you aren’t compliant with new SSL!

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer technology. It is the encryption that allows for credit card transactions to be protected from hackers attempting to grab that information in transit. It also protects sensitive form data from being intercepted. You visually see this as “https://” and a little padlock in the address bar of your web browser.

What does this have to do with me? I don’t sell products online.

Although at one point in time, that (and medical forms) were typically the compelling (and LEGAL) reasons for needing an SSL, nowadays it’s very different. Google will lower your search engine ranking for not having an SSL. Yes, they will — they figure that a site with SSL is less likely to be hacked and more reputable, so you may experience a rankings boost when the SSL is installed on your site.

But wait, there’s more… ever gone to a website where you suddenly get THIS cryptic message?

It’s enough to scare anyone into hitting the Back button, right? Well this is what happens to new visitors when they visit your insecure website. You’re scaring business off.

People who have been to your site before, likely saw the gray “Advanced” button on the bottom left… not quite as welcoming as the “Back to Safety” button.

When the Advanced button is clicked, you get this:

…and your slightly savvy customers click the “Proceed”, despite that it says it’s unsafe. This action creates an exception in your browser that keeps you from repeating this annoying, scary experience again. But this isn’t a satisfactory situation when it’s YOUR website they’re accessing!

All of this happened early in 2017, and if you have been a little… oh, absent… in having updates done to your site, you probably don’t have the SSL.

Ok, all right already! What do I have to do?

Simple: CALL ME. We will purchase an SSL for your site (average of $70 a year) through your hosting account and I will install it on your website. Boom, problem solved!

Get me the SSL!