At WitzEnd Consulting, we periodically offer ways for our valued clients to save money on needed services — especially things like website disasters and computer viruses & malware. 

What the Pre-Paid Package constitutes

The Pre-Paid 5 Hour Package offers 5 hours of consulting for a discounted price off the regular hourly rate. This price varies according to location in Central Oregon. Since WitzEnd Consulting’s base office is in Redmond, Oregon, the base hourly rate increases according to the distance traveled to the client’s home or office. Therefore, if you are buying the package for  on-site visits to your home in Bend, you would purchase the Bend package. 

Services Included

WitzEnd Consulting provides the following services that can be used with the Pre-Paid Package:

  • Web Design, site updates, site maintenance
  • Computer maintenance, troubleshooting, virus removal, hardware and software installs
  • Private Lessons

Service Areas

For all packages requiring travel to your home or office, we serve the following Central Oregon areas:

  • Redmond, Terrebonne
  • Powell Butte, Prineville
  • Bend, Tumalo, Sisters
  • Madras, Culver, Crooked River Ranch

Website-only Packages

Our 5 hour packages for websites are for remote work only — meaning that no travel to your home or office is included. Communication is done by phone, email, or videoconferencing only. 

Financial Policy

To prevent fraud,  Refunds are not allowed on any Pre-paid package. Since these packages were created to create a discount if purchased in bulk, we cannot refund the package purchase when only partially used. 

Unused time may be granted to another person of your choosing. WitzEnd Consulting:

  • Must receive prior authorization from the purchaser, AND
  • The grantee must live in the same region of which the package was purchased for. 


Pre-Paid packages are sold under the condition that they must be paid in advance of, or during, the first appointment. Under no circumstances will packages be financed or paid after the first appointment.

Acceptable payment options include cash, check, credit or debit card. Payment portals are available in numerous locations on this website and can also be invoiced via email to the client with payment due on receipt, and the link to pay embedded in the invoice. Client may also pay WitzEnd Consulting at the first appointment, via Square or Intuit Readers for credit/debit cards, or using cash/checks.