"My son tried to show me how but..."

You probably know someone who really knows their stuff --but when you ask them to show you how, they fly through it so fast you can't keep up. Or they explain it with such technical terminology you have to have a dictionary handy to figure out what they said. Maybe they've even lost patience with you.

Sound familiar?

A good teacher is not just someone who knows their subject.... it's someone who has the patience to teach, and can explain it to the most UN-technical student.

I see people all the time that have been struggling to learn a piece of software on their own, using family members or YouTube videos to figure it out. But here's the thing; not all family members are patient, and they don't always explain things in terms you'll understand. Those YouTube videos are often made by people who don't have any teaching or relational skills and the video ends up leaving you even more confused and convinced that you're just "computer dumb".

You're not. Trust me. You just need a little one-on-one time with someone like me, who can zero in on the aspects of the computer or software you're trying to understand. I tailor each private lesson to the person's individual needs. I never do more than 2 hrs at a time because I know that any information you receive beyond that will be wasted time; the brain tires and it's in one ear, and out the other. 

Private lessons can often be better than sitting through a regular class. For one, you won't have to compete for help with 20 other people. Two, you won't have to sit through instruction on sections that you'll never use. And Three, when you're done, you'll have a specially-tailored handout of what we covered. 

You won't even have to leave the house. I will come to you. I will even come to your place of business.

How's that for convenient?

You can be very specific about what you need to learn. You can dictate what you want to learn today, and we can stop at any time. You decide if you want to meet once a week, twice a week, for an hour or two.

You're in control of your private lesson. And best of all, you'll have someone teaching you that won't be impatient, won't mind repeating things and won't mind re-explaining something if it didn't make sense.

What can you teach me?

With a 24-year career in Information Technology and helping individuals and businesses to learn new software, the chances are extremely good I can help you too.

Ask Me About It

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