WordPress 5.0 Update

Is your website suddenly not working? Did the gremlins suddenly change your content editor to something alien?

Yep, say hello to WordPress 5.0, with Gutenberg — the block-based content editing tool. That’s what you’re seeing in place of the editor we’ve been used to for years. It’s a bit awkward, and by no means a solution to having to find a theme or plugin that gives you drag & drop functionality.

It’s interesting because the original plan was to roll out Gutenberg in November, if it was bug-free. If it wasn’t, they would wait until January, after the holiday. Instead, they rolled it out unexpectedly Dec. 6th.

The result?

A whole lot of upset people. At least, everyone I’ve heard from has been upset. The suddenly-different editor is not a welcome sight for many people, and neither is the handful of broken websites it caused. I’m working on those websites as we speak, getting them back to normal.

In my opinion, it should have been an optional upgrade, not a mandatory, “congratulations on your broken site but you have 5.0 now!”

Nonetheless, two things:

  1. If your site is broken, I’m probably fixing it as we speak.
  2. If you’ve seen the new editor and are lost, CALL ME. I can either give you the classic editor back, or walk you through learning the new block interface.

Stay thirsty, my friends.