The 5 hour package is BACK!

Many of you know the 5 hour package… it’s the deal where you pre-pay for 5 hrs and get a discount. Typically you save about $25 on the package… $75 if you spring for the 10 hour. 

Well, for the Christmas/New Year holiday I’ve decided to offer it again at a newer, better deal — buy 5 hours and get a FREE hour! You get 6 hours of computer help, website work, virus removal, updates, whatever service WitzEnd provides… for the cost of five hours. That’s a savings of $65-$75!

The five — excuse me, SIX– hours do not expire. That means you could use some now and save it for later down the road when you need an emergency virus removal or website update. 

Can I share the package with a friend?

YES! You can share your hours with a friend or loved one. Just let us know who you’re sharing with,  so we will know it’s authorized when they call for help. 

I only used an hour. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. We’ve seen people figure they can buy the package and get the discount, then get refunded the rest of it. If you really think you won’t use your remaining hours, “gift it” to a friend or relative. Everyone has a computer, some have websites (or need one), just share the love! 

At WitzEnd Consulting we try to keep it simple. See the official Terms and Conditions of the Pre-Paid 5 hour package here