Annette Witzel, Instructor at Central Oregon Community College

Upcoming Classes for Spring 2020

Start Spring on a good learning path! Here are the classes scheduled for March- April – May 2020: Illustrator II, Monday March 9 & Wednesday March 11 6-9pm WordPress Advanced,  Tuesdays & Thursdays March 10,11, 17 & 19 6-9pm Illustrator Beginning, Monday & Wednesday April 13 & 15 6-9pm Getting Started with WordPress, Tuesday April…

learning with Annette Witzel at Central Oregon Community College

Fall Term at COCC is here!

The air is getting crisp, jacket and boot weather is near, and the classes at Central Oregon Community College are starting up! This week, we are starting Beginning Illustrator for Mac, two sessions on Monday and Wednesday (Sept. 23 & 25). and WordPress, Getting Started on Sept. 24 & 26. What’s involved, you ask? Adobe…


I’ve taken a few classes of hers and I would say I’ve recommended her to many people. She doesn’t disappoint. Always come away with a ton of information. She’s good.

Grace under pressure

I was in a class where there were technical issues with the computers in the lab, and Annette exhibited true grace under pressure. She managed to fully teach the class in spite of the problems. I’m in awe of her. Will definitely take more classes from her.

Gives her full attention

I’m amazed by Annette. She really gives her full attention to everyone in class. She said at the beginning to not be afraid to ask any questions, and her motto was “no student left behind”. She wasn’t kidding, I was one of three folks in class that needed extra help and she really helped us without getting impatient or just leaving us to struggle. Amazing lady.

Intelligent and Great Humor

Ms. Witzel is bar none, the best teacher I’ve ever seen. She’s so intelligent and she really makes people relax and have fun. I really enjoyed her great humor and her ability to teach such difficult topics and make them seem easy and logical.