Annette Witzel, Owner and IT trainer

In 1991, I bought my first computer with the sole purpose of re-editing my novel. I taught myself how to use it, and the next thing I knew, people at work were asking me to help them when they bought theirs. Suddenly, word was getting around and they were telling friends about me. I found myself having to figure out what to charge... and it wasn't long before I quit my job to do computer consulting full-time. 

It was a talent I never knew I had. It was all instinctive to me, a Fine Arts major. All it took was for me to be there at the start of the internet in '95, to get curious about web design and coding -- and it's been a lifetime of learning new code, making thousands of websites, and helping people with their own websites and computers. 

I got the name for the business 23 years ago when my sister noted that every time I got a call from a customer, they were always at their wit’s end. My last name plus the phrase made the perfect name, and the design of my hand-drawn logo represents the business that I’m in (the World-wide Web) and the spiders sent out by the search engines to index websites.

In the many years I’ve had this career, I’ve employed only 40+ people and kept the business small, like I prefer it. The personal touch is important to me, not a large impersonal corporation or a clique-y boutique, marking things up to a faux standard. We do real work and charge fair prices. We believe everyone deserves a good website for their business.