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Website Content Services

Not everyone can write, and not everyone can be creative about what they're writing.

If you're getting a website up and running, there is a great deal of content that needs to be written. What is your business about? What kind of services do you provide? How about a bio on your principals?

Maybe you have written up exactly how you want it to read... but you can't spell to save your life.

That's where WitzEnd Consulting comes in. I can write the content, or I can proofread what you've written. Whatever your needs are, WitzEnd Consulting can fufill them.


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  • cartoons
  • jokes
  • questionnaires
  • cool “must-have’s”
  • other time-wasters
    ...updated at whim!

Literary Services

Trying to write the great american novel but your spelling isn't quite up to par?

Or perhaps you think you need a good proofing, to check for typos and grammatical errors?

WE DO THAT. Call for rates.

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